E-Book Covers

Have you just finished your first e-book and you're ready to publish it via Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords.com, or Draft2Digital.com? Well, now you'll need a cover for your new magnum opus. Unless you're an advanced Photoshop user with design layout skills, this is not the time to attempt a DIY. You may have written the next great American novel, but without a professional-looking cover no one will bother clicking the thumbnail image of your book cover after a search.

Yes, this happens.

When potential readers are searching for new books to read, the first suggestions they see are tiny (usually 75x75 pixel) thumbnail images of book covers. They most likely will pass on a cover that looks slapped together: Comic Sans font, badly cropped stock images with leftover pixel edges... You get the picture (no pun intended).

So how much will this cost?

I will create a professionally designed, high resolution e-book cover for $350*. If you'd like the cover formatted for print (includes spine and back cover), that's an additional $100. These are fixed prices, but if a cover requires extensive ongoing edits, then my hourly rate applies. It's best to have a general idea of what you want, and to provide some covers as examples.

I require a 50% deposit upfront to begin the project. Call me or email me today!

*Does not include purchased stock photo images.

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